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Something a little differentilicious - Chorlton Delicatessen Epicerie Ludo

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As you see on our website, we usually photograph children, and families, and couples, and tiny chubby cheeks ... but we love doing other things too! Thus you may have come across our image with the bicycle that won a Gold award in December and recently achieved 4th place in the 'Image of the Year 2013' with The Guild of Photographers.

Chorlton is an amazing place and I really love living here. One aspect that makes Chorlton so attractive to many are its independent shops and businesses. It reminds me a little bit of my home country, Germany. Especially Beech Road is known to, and visited by, people from other areas in Manchester. Running a little business ourselves, we appreciate that independent businesses need to support each other too and so we were delighted to have been able to take some lovely images for Epicerie Ludo on Beech Road last week. Who doesn't know this delightful grocer and wine merchant! So many nice things and they are open til late! It really makes a difference to be able to fetch something lovely, be that a bottle of Prosecco or chocolate on your way to your friends at 8pm, or sausages and pizza dough when you have been working late but don't fancy a take away. So, I think a quick history on Epicerie Ludo is only apt.

Ludovic & Darren opened Epicerie Ludo in December 2011 with the aim to offer something that is a little bit special to the lovely people of Chorlton. They searched hard to select the best of local, British, French and Continental products to create a wonderful shopping experience. The team share a passion for the products and are committed to offering outstanding levels of customer service. They are passionate about being part of, and working with, the community and had the honour of being nominated as well as winning the Shop Local 'Hero of the High Street' award at the end of 2013.

Right from the start, Epicerie Ludo wanted to reduce their environmental impact as much as they could and consequently always try to seek out artisan suppliers that care about quality ingredients, which are sourced carefully and with consideration. Finding many products locally, they also encourage continued sustainability for their suppliers in return.

Epicerie Ludo regularly work with local charities, provide support and assist with fundraising activities, which also includes collections in the shop. To name but a few, they donate all proceeds from the sale of Tag cards (a local discount loyalty card) to Francis House Children's Hospice. Furthermore, they support charities by offering hampers full of goodness as raffle prizes. For example, this Saturday, one hamper will be donated to  the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity for their Discovery Ball and next month one will be given to The Christie. And lets not forget that Epicerie Ludo was last year, and will be again this year, sponsor of the famous Chorlton Arts Festival.

So, if you have never been there, you are seriously missing out! And if you are a regular, you know what I am talking about :-)

Before I leave you to gaze at my images below, I would like to add one more business to my praise: Tea Hive on Manchester Road, possibly the loveliest coffee shop with the most astonishing cakes in Chorlton. So, the next time you are wondering what to do in Chorlton, have a wonderful tea experience with cake or sandwiches at Tea Hive, before stopping by at Ludo's to get some wine and nibbles to share with your loved ones. And if you are still looking for a Valentine's Day present, we now sell gift vouchers for a portrait photography experience at a very special price at Tea Hive.

portrait photography Chorlton_0032portrait photography Chorlton_0032


portrait photography Chorlton_0029portrait photography Chorlton_0029


portrait photography Chorlton_0036portrait photography Chorlton_0036


portrait photography Chorlton_0030portrait photography Chorlton_0030


portrait photography Chorlton_0034portrait photography Chorlton_0034


portrait photography Chorlton_0031portrait photography Chorlton_0031


portrait photography Chorlton_0040portrait photography Chorlton_0040


portrait photography Chorlton_0037portrait photography Chorlton_0037


portrait photography Chorlton_0038portrait photography Chorlton_0038


portrait photography Chorlton_0035portrait photography Chorlton_0035


portrait photography Chorlton_0033portrait photography Chorlton_0033


portrait photography Chorlton_0041portrait photography Chorlton_0041


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